Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Doings - Creeping Crud & Dye

The Creeping Crud came to our house!
Started with the Jaybird and then decided to hit me... Poor Jaybird thought she'd been hit by a truck and we knew that she was seriously sick because she actually stayed home! For three days! (She rarely ever stays home, and never for more than a day.) Another way I knew that she was really sick was when I offered her "something" to help - the man in the house will take a wide variety of OTC's when the ManFlu hits - however the Bird refuses any type of medication knowing "it will only prolong the symptoms of sickness by masking them." (Her words, not mine.) However, this time she actually decided to read the labels on each box and decided to try one. I believe she took it only because she HAD Chemisty and Lab and God forbid she miss that. I told her not to breathe anywhere in my direction, but due to the fact that we were in the same car for all of 15 minutes the Crud tried to overtake me. I didn't get it as bad as she did, most likely because I don't kiss her sick boyfriend who is the one who started all of this. However, when I do get sick and it has any type of body ache included you can be pretty sure I am going lay in bed and do nothing. Between my fibromyalgia and flu symptoms you might as well just consider me down for the count because it feel like I've ran into several kangaroos well trained in the finer arts of boxing!

However, there was a bright spot in the midst of disease. Barry, our mailman, dropped a box off at the front door. How he knew not to ring the doorbell I don't know... maybe there was a green mist surrounding the house? Of course, I get excited about any box especially if it has my name on it, because it might have yarn in it. I knew that this time it would not have yarn but something pretty exciting all the same - Hair Color!

Yes, I do, don't act all shocked. The Curly RED head is actually the Curly Grey head... has been for 20 some years. Now if you think that you could care less about hair color there is one thing that I thought was really great - it was 100% FREE! And I love FREE! I had seen an ad for E-Salon - they would send you Hair Color for free - (of course, after that they want you to pay for it.) But I was willing to try it because I am always willing to try anything that has to do with my hair. I've colored my own hair for years and years. Actually, I've trained the Man into putting it on the back of my hair because I can't hold my arms up that long without crying or dying - or both. When I opened the box from E-Salon I ran to get my camera and said to the Man, "I'm putting this on my blog! Look at it! Wow! Look at all the free stuff they sent and this stuff is not cheap!"

He was glad to see me excited about something other than knitting. 

Look what's inside! Two bottles of Haircolor & Developer. A mixing bowl & brush, a really nice cape (so I don't get color all over my classic t-shirts), some really cool duckbill clips (which I'll use all the time!) and the best thing - a timer! And they even sent a battery for the timer! All of this for Free!   I was excited!!

Of course, I'll wait till I feel a little better to color my hair but in the meantime I wanted you to see what they sent me! I'll let you know more about the product and how it goes - if I like the color and if I'll continue to get it from E-Salon or not. 

Thought for today:
“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

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