Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Will the crunch equal the munch?

We have three cats and they love to eat! Not only do they love to eat - they are spoiled! Between eating dry food and the occassional bit of wet food they also love their treats. We made the mistake of not feeding them on a particular schedule, so whenever you go in the kitchen they're meowing for food!! But I don't think they are any different than my friend who feeds her girls like clockwork - on the dot...they meow all the time too!

So, being a BzzAgent, I was asked if my kitties would like to try Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance cat food. Knowing the kitties are picky picky I asked them if they wanted to try it and we'd all give our honest opinion about it. Two of them were all for it but the little one... she is really picky...but after telling her about the comparison tool where we could see how her current food stacks up next to Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance - well she was excited!! Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance looks like a great catfood- nutrionally balanced and has the very best ingredients. The kitties question, does it taste good??

Check back in a few weeks and I'll let you know if the kits liked the food, if we notice their fur looking more glamorous and if they feel 10 years younger... I don't think the food causes such things but wouldn't that be something? On to the food trial!!

Have you tried the new Orowheat Healthfuls bread??

I am one lucky person!! I have been able to try several products, for free, just to give my honest opinion!! I am a Bzzagent and I really enjoy trying all kinds of new products! So this time I got to try this great new bread - Orowheat Healthfuls!! The best thing of all is - I love this bread and it's my new favorite! I really love the ten grain...it's really soft and fresh tasting! The bread is lower in calories - 80 cals a slice!!! It has higher protein and fiber too!! You will never think you are eating bread that's good for you when you eat this and that's why I love it!! With some breads that are good and healthy the taste of the bread overpowers the taste of things you put on the bread. I cant stand that. But with the Healthfuls bread you have great tasting bread that makes a fantastic sandwich and is perfect for toast! At my store it's about $4.99 a loaf, which is average for most better breads...but I have seen it on sale for about $2.99 several times. I think its worth the price for what you get...it's really a great bread. Try it out!! It'll save you some calories but give you that much needed fiber and it's really tasty.

As a BzzzAgent I am not paid for my opinion or told what to say. I give my honest opinion, good or bad freely.