Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Have you tried the new Orowheat Healthfuls bread??

I am one lucky person!! I have been able to try several products, for free, just to give my honest opinion!! I am a Bzzagent and I really enjoy trying all kinds of new products! So this time I got to try this great new bread - Orowheat Healthfuls!! The best thing of all is - I love this bread and it's my new favorite! I really love the ten grain...it's really soft and fresh tasting! The bread is lower in calories - 80 cals a slice!!! It has higher protein and fiber too!! You will never think you are eating bread that's good for you when you eat this and that's why I love it!! With some breads that are good and healthy the taste of the bread overpowers the taste of things you put on the bread. I cant stand that. But with the Healthfuls bread you have great tasting bread that makes a fantastic sandwich and is perfect for toast! At my store it's about $4.99 a loaf, which is average for most better breads...but I have seen it on sale for about $2.99 several times. I think its worth the price for what you get...it's really a great bread. Try it out!! It'll save you some calories but give you that much needed fiber and it's really tasty.

As a BzzzAgent I am not paid for my opinion or told what to say. I give my honest opinion, good or bad freely.

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